Welcome to HashCows (Beta v0.2)

Why Mine at HashCows

Pool Features

  • Pool auto-switches coins based on what is most profitable.
  • Optionally auto-trade and receive payouts in BTC on a coin-by-coin basis.
  • Variable difficulty per worker with coin-specific settings.

Pool Info

  • Stratum URL: stratum+tcp://stratum01.hashco.ws
  • Stratum Port: 8888


  • Round based PPLNS strategy for fair payouts.
  • Empty round shares automatically rolled into the next round so a share is never wasted.
  • Stats on blocks and coins mined on a per round basis, and detailed ledger of all payouts.


  • Continuous updates by dedicated staff.
  • Clean, Simple layout designed for ease of use.
  • Need help? Try the forum or IRC:freenode/#hashcows 24/7.