` Welcome to HashCows

Getting Started at HashCows

  1. Register your Account.
    • First thing you will need to do is register a new account and then login
  2. Set up a Worker.
    • Before you can start mining your will need to setup a new miner id to use with your mining software. You can name this whatever you would like and then set up a password.
    • Click here to setup a new worker
    • As an example just enter 123 in the textbox in the 'Add a New Worker' form. Then if your user name was hashman your full miner id would be hashman.123
    • You can create multiple workers if you would like.
  3. Configure your Miner.
    • Once you have created a new worker it is time to and get the stratum server url:
    • URL: stratum+tcp://stratum01.hashco.ws
    • Stratum Port: 8888
    • Example: cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum01.hashco.ws:8888 -u username.1 -p password
  4. Set up your Miners.
    • Now you will need to use the worker id you just created along with the default password and the stratum url to setup your mining software. Enter your mining details into your Cgminer (or equivalent) mining software.
    • How to get Cgminer working with your hardware is outside the scope of this small getting started guide but there are plenty of good resources available via Google
  5. Enter your Payment Address.
    • Before you are ready to start it would be a good idea to enter your payment address into the 'Payment Address' field for each of the currencies you plan on keeping. You can also set an optional automatic payout threshold. By default all coins are auto-traded and paid out directly in Bitcoin.
  6. Start Mining!
    • Once your mining software is setup correctly start up cgminer and start hashing.
    • After a few minutes you will see your hashrate start to show on stats pages. Do not worry if it is low to start with. It takes about 30 minutes for your full hashrate to start displaying correctly.
  7. Check your Stats.
    • After you have been mining for an hour or so you should be able to start seeing some useful stat as well as start receiving your first payments. Please remember, auto-trade balances will only be paid out once a day.

That’s it just sit back and let us do the rest of the work.